Every team needs to have a shared purpose and common goals. Sometimes, those ideas are hidden within an organization and as such, not visible to all stakeholders. 76West Compass is a facilitated exchange of ideas in an open group session.

76West Compass


76West Compass:

A facilitated conversation moderated by 76West with leadership and key stakeholders from within your organization. The session will:

1. Forms team alignment
2. Identifies goals and outcomes
3. Determine Audience
4. Refine communications
5. Expose Opportunities

The value of Compass Session is to have a collective exchange of ideas and thoughts. We then document those ideas as a way to measure and guide the balance of the process. A sucessful Compass will identify additional needs and opportunities for applied brand strategy and communication.

Our Process

Key individuals within your organizations participates in the process in a dedicated, facilitated workshop. We start by conducting an exercise to reveal expectations for the company’s goals. Expressing emotion is important for every brand. Emotion elicits buy-in, highlights similarities amongst stakeholders, and ultimately will help us to understand and expose opportunities and goals. This work becomes the foundation for future project briefs. Finally, we conclude the with guided session that will define action items.


76West Compass is our process to expose meaningful insight hidden within your organization. Contact us today to learn more.